December 2, 2020

Digital screen overuse during lockdown boosts demand for protective clear glasses, say leading eyewear retailers, Retail News, ET Retail


Eyewear companies such as Titan, Essilor and Luxottica have seen sales of filtered and clear glasses surge, on increased screen time due to work from home and online classes.

Blue filter glasses, which protect the eyes from digital screen overuse, now accounts for more than half their sales, compared to about one-third last year for a few retailers.

“People have always been curious about blue filter lenses and zero-power computer glasses. Now, parents are asking — If we cannot control screen time anymore, what do we do to ensure kids don’t strain their eyes or develop power?” said Shalini Gupta, marketing head at Titan Eyeplus.

Most new buyers are employees using laptops, mobile phones or televisions for work and entertainment, but the segment is seeing increased enquiries for children.

Prescription lens giant Essilor, the maker of Crizal and Varilux brand of lenses, said sales are mostly at full-price

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