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The Ballantine Adult Fantasy series was an imprint of American publisher Ballantine Books.Launched in 1969 (presumably in response to the growing popularity of Tolkien's works), the series reissued a number of works of fantasy literature which were out of print or dispersed in back issues of pulp magazines (or otherwise not easily available in the United States), in cheap paperback form. A series of classic fantasy reprints published by Ballantine from 1969-1974. I am also including a list of books considered to be "precursors" to the series (the first 18 books), from 1965-1969, and two "leftovers" that had been planned as part of the series but were published by Ballantine's regular fantasy line after the series was cancelled (the last two books).

Jun 10, 2019 · Today marks what would have been the 89th birthday of Lin Carter, author, editor, and historian, and an altogether polarizing figure in fantasy fiction. Carter is perhaps best known today for his role as series editor of the Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series.Author: Brian Murphy. BALLANTINE ADULT FANTASY SERIES ~Circa 1969-1974~ This is a complete list of U.S. Editions of the BAF series. They are shown here alphabetically by author (or editor) - mostly. The list without photos and in chronological order is a little easier to digest. There were 80 titles in the series (or more, or less, depending on which collector you.

Ballantine published this mass market paperback line during the period of 1969 to 1974, with Lin Carter as its editorial consultant. Basically, books included in this line bear the "Unicorn's Head" colophon, but several others have just the word, "A Ballantine Adult Fantasy" on the upper left corner of .