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THE ADULT EDUCATION FOR THE HOMELESS PROGRAM: AN OVERVIEW. Most adults enter programs to fulfill one of the following objectives: to improve life skills (including parenting skills), to increase their level of employability, to develop basic skills needed to . In 1992, the Adult Education for the Homeless (AEH) program served 50,000 clients, a marked increase from the 18,000 homeless adults in the first year of program operation. Three in five States seek additional State-level funding and one in five seek additional local-level funding.

To donate by mail, please send a check made payable to ACE Programs for the Homeless, 30-30 Northern Blvd., Ste. B100, Long Island City, NY 11101. To make a transfer of securities or appreciated stock, please contact Travis Tinney, Director of Development, at (212) 275-0550 x 23 or [email protected] Dec 24, 2018 · Adult education provides basic skills training, preparation for the General Educational Development (GED) test, preparation toward earning a high school diploma, and job skills training opportunities. Homeless Adults—People who live in extreme poverty and often cannot afford to travel to adult education programs. Adult literacy services provide life skills instruction, connections with .

Adult Education for the Homeless: A Program in Jeopardy. Office of Vocational and Adult Education (ED), Washington, DC. Div. of Adult Education and Literacy. During its 8-year history, the federal Adult Education for the Homeless Program (AEH) pioneered new methods of service to adults in need and benefited over 320,000 homeless adults and families. However, for many homeless youth, staying in school is a difficult challenge. Studies find that 63% to 90% of homeless youth did not complete high school, despite being the age to do so. Education is an important aspect to our understanding of homelessness.