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Ventura Adult and Continuing Education prepares diverse learners with academic, vocational and technological competencies for the 21st century global workforce. Our Philosophy. Ventura Adult and Continuing Education is founded on the belief that knowledge is the key element of life. Ventura Adult and Continuing Education (VACE) is a public, non-profit school for adults. We offer highly-effective job training certificate programs in seven high-demand career areas. We also offer basic education such as high school diploma, GED, English language (ESL), and US citizenship.4/5(4).

The Ventura County Adult Education Consortium is a collaborative of regional educational providers with the goal of expanding and improving opportunities for adult learners in the following programs: Elementary and secondary basic skills, including classes required for a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate. Ventura County Jobs with a Future connects career planning, Ventura County adult education, work experience and job readiness resources with Ventura County youth. Want the inside scoop on some good paying jobs in Ventura County? Want to know what it takes to get into those careers? Match your strengths with job choices and financial goals.

Adult Education The VCCCD Adult Education Division is dedicated to increasing educational opportunities and services for adult learners, by providing the knowledge and skills necessary to participate successfully in family, community and society. Our programs include: Adult Basic Education Elementary and basic skills most relevant to preparing adult learners for success in. The Preliminary or Clear Designated Subjects Adult Education Credential (DSC AE) authorizes the holder to teach in the subject(s) named on the credential in classes organized primarily for adults.