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Crystal Adults are very drawn to the healing arts. Singing, dancing, art, cooking, writing or healing work are what they enjoy most. They will often withdraw or remove themselves when the energy around them becomes too intense. Crystal Adults have strong senses, usually, two are extreme. Their sense of smell is often one of them. Crystal children and adults have amazing talents that they either come in with at birth, or they are indigos or violets who change to crystal over time whilst here on earth. They are all incredibly sensitive and very psychic, but there are many attributes that make it hard to live in this world whilst being crystal.

Are You A Crystal Child or Adult? The following are typical characteristics of the Crystal children: Highly intuitive – can be telepathic and show extrasensory capabilities. Will often say seemingly ‘profound’ statements and has an strong interest in God – they often seem wise beyond their years. Another characteristic of indigo adults going into crystal reality is the problem of being overweight. Usually indigo adults absorb a lot of negative energy from others and they also internalize their emotional sensitivity. This happens concurrently with blocked chakras and a weighed down auric field.

Not to say that the adult Crystal doesn’t get angry or upset, because they do. They are more apt to go within to handle the situation in a calm and introspective manner. This type of Crystal personality is now so common that they’re now being encountered everywhere, even seen on television programs.