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Adult Protective Services Adults with disabilities may be vulnerable to abuse, neglect and exploitation. County departments of social services receive and evaluate reports to determine whether disabled adults are in need of protective services. In the United States, Adult Protective Services (APS) are social services provided to abused, neglected, or exploited older adults and adults with significant disabilities. APS is typically administered by local or state health, aging, or regulatory departments and includes a multidisciplinary approach to helping older adults, and younger adults with disabilities, who are victims.

Adult Protective Services staff investigate reports of abuse, neglect (including self-neglect) or financial exploitation of adults who are unable to protect themselves due to a physical or mental limitation. APS staff assess the need for protective services and provide services to reduce the identified risk to the adult. Adult Protective Services (APS) investigates reports of alleged abuse, neglect or exploitation of frail elderly and disabled adults and intervenes to protect vulnerable adults who are at risk.

Adult Protective Services (APS) - any services that when provided to an individual with developmental disabilities, degenerative brain disorder, serious and persistent mental illness, or other like incapacity, keep the individual safe from abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation, prevent the individual from experiencing deterioration, or stop the individual from inflicting harm on oneself or another person. (Wis. These are commonly reported types of abuse* received by Adult Protective Services agencies: Physical abuse: may include slapping, hitting, beating, bruising or causing someone physical pain, injury or suffering. This also could include confining an adult against his/her will, such as locking someone in a room or tying him/her to furniture.