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Supported by the stake young single adult committee and by ward leaders, the stake presidency establishes meetings, classes, and activities that will best meet the needs of young single adult members. They also determine whether activities should take place at the ward level, the stake level, or some combination of both. On August 27th, 2017 the Lethbridge Alberta Young Single Adult Stake was formed from young single adult wards in Southern Alberta. This is the first young single adult stake formed outside of the United States. It is comprised of young single adult wards from stakes in Taber, Lethbridge, Raymond, Magrath, Fort Macleod and Cardston.

Training resources on always reference callings by their standard name. Also, putting members in some standard positions will grant Young Men Stake Youth Committee Member Young Men Sports Coach YOUNG WOMEN Young Women Presidency Young Single Adult Relief Society Adviser to Young Single Adult Sisters. The bishop uses the ward council to focus on the progress of each individual by name. He instructs ward clerks to work with the ward young single adult committee to ensure that young single adults who have moved from his unit are encouraged to locate their new unit and that the new leaders take shepherding responsibility of the young single adults.

Oct 17, 2012 · The Stake Young Single Adult Committee does include "a couple called to serve as young single adult advisers", along with YSA representatives from each ward. (16.3.2) The Single Adult organization is decidedly different from the Young Single Adult organization. Each ward now has a committee for single adults that includes one member from the bishopric, the Relief Society presidency, and the elders quorum presidency; a mature married couple to serve as advisers to young single adults; and elders quorum and Relief Society representatives from both the young single adult and single adult groups.