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Mission Trilogy Adult Tricycle £ 550.00 – £ 560.00 Select options; Mission Solo Tricycle – Low step-over £ 640.00 Add to basket; Mission Triad – Chopper Tricycle £ 599.00 Add to basket; Mission Space Genie Folding Tricycle £ 650.00 Select options; Mission Tribrid – Alloy Tricycle £ 880.00 Add to basket; Industrial Cargo Trike – Tricycle . Introduction on Getting the Best Adult Tricycle. In this Best Adult Tricycle Reviews, the top models from reliable brands have been handpicked just for you.Trikes have varied wheel sizes, styles and designs, built-in features and there’s the folding type among many other things to consider.

Features to Look for When Buying Folding Adult Tricycle. Wheels A folding adult tricycle includes three wheels, one at the front and the two at the rear. The wheels are typically 24 -26 inches in length depending on the type of tricycle. Make sure they are durable too. An industrial tricycle is simply an adult tricycle that has been seriously beefed up to handle larger carrying capacities. The tricycles shown here are significantly larger than any standard adult trike and, in fact, use 24” or 26” wheels more typical of a bicycle.

Adults tricycle, we sell adult tricycles of all sizes and variants, from electric to offroad, suspension, kids and adults. UK Cycle routes; They are a good size for heights between 5ft (152cm) to 6ft (182cm). Adults tricycle, folding frame, 24 inch wheels, 6-speed shim This advert is located in and around Margate, Kent Google BuyTricycle for our website:) Next day delivery services:) We accept all credit/debit cards & paypal.