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A woman who has a C-section typically stays in the hospital longer, two to four days on average, compared with a woman who has a vaginal delivery. Having a C-section also increases a woman's risk Author: Cari Nierenberg. If you’re pregnant again and your last baby arrived via cesarean section, you may wonder if a vaginal birth could be an option for you this time around. A vaginal birth after C-section (VBAC) is.

After the C-section "Recovery from a C-section isn't easy," Economy says. The typical hospital stay for a C-section is four days, compared to the two that new moms need after a vaginal birth Author: Heather Hatfield. May 11, 2018 · While you're recovering from your C-section, remember that you're also recovering from pregnancy. Here's what to expect: Vaginal discharge. After delivery, you'll begin to shed the superficial mucous membrane that lined your uterus during pregnancy. You'll have vaginal discharge consisting of this membrane and blood (lochia) for weeks.

Rubbing babies born by C-section with vaginal fluid changes their microbial makeup in a potentially beneficial way, but some doctors caution that the procedure comes with risks.